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On April 25, 1982, many were surprised by the appearance of full-page ads in some twenty major newspapers worldwide, proclaiming that THE CHRIST IS NOW HERE. (69)

These ads, placed by a New Age organization known as Tara Center, declared that the Christ had come to lead mankind into an era of peace and brotherhood. The Christ, according to these ads, is Lord Maitreya, an Ascended Master whose message of hope was, and still is, conveyed by an Englishman named Benjamin Creme (Krehm). Creme contends that Maitreya had embodied himself somewhere in the Himalayas, and is currently living in London awaiting the opportune moment to emerge and be recognized by the population of the world as the Christ for the New Age.(70)

Maitreya (betyder friendly-venlig) is said to be the embodiment of the aspirations of the worlds major religions. According to the newspaper ads, He is known to Christians as the Christ, to Hindus as Krishna, to Jews as the Messiah, to Moslems as Imam Mahdi, and to Buddhists as the fifth Buddha.

The Christ for the New Age is not Jesus. Jesus, it seems, has been reincarnated and will stand with Lord Maitreya to convince Christians that they, along with the rest of humanity, must follow their new spiritual leader.71

While Maitreya waits in the wings for the consciousness of humanity to be sufficiently raised to make us worthy to receive him, the resultant media exposure has fanned an interest among many who are expectantly awaiting a man of peace to come along and solve the worlds ills. Creme claims that the emergence of Maitreya as the Christ will be validated by demonstrations of miracles, signs, and wonders.72

In Matthew 24:24 Jesus warned of such demonstrations of power by Gods enemies: For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.

Whether or not Maitreya really exists no one can say at this time, but we can learn from this that when the esotericist speaks of the Second Coming, it is certain that he is not speaking of Jesus Second Coming. He is speakig of the coming of the Christ for the New Age. According to Creme and other New Agers, Jesus was the Christ for the age of Pisces, and Maitreya is the Christ for our age, the age of Aquarius.73

This is to be the Golden Age of utopian bliss to begin around the turn of the century. It is the New Agers version of the millennium - the Kingdom Age - run by men who have attained godhood. Since the office of Christ is not considered by esotericists to be exclusive to Jesus, they do not affirm His Second Coming. Rather, they make mention of the Coming of Christ, or even Second Coming of Christ.

This is because they separate the Christ principle from the person of Jesus, and apply it to all men. In the broad sense, therefore, they teach that the Second Coming of Christ will take place through the raising of humanitys consciousness to the point where a significant number will believe that they are the embodiment of the Second Coming. Then the world will be prepared to receive the Christ who will lead the nations into the New Age of peace and brotherhood.

The central figure of the Spiritual Hierarchy (the Ascended Masters) will represent the full manifestation of the office of Christ for that age. In Dominion Theology, this teaching has a parallel which states that the Church is the ongoing incarnation of God. Yes, Jesus is Christ, but so is the Church as the body of Christ. Therefore, the Church is Christ.74

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